Grand Teton National Park Scenic River Float Trips

Take a Scenic Float Trip in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Join us for a rafting adventure on the most scenic and historic stretches of the Snake River. Sit back and relax as our experienced guides deliver a fun and interpretive trip through the Old West where the memories of Teton lore and wildlife encounters will last a lifetime.

Welcome to a bird watcher’s paradise where Bald and Golden Eagles are easily spotted and wildlife is abundant. The serene, yet powerful Snake River winds timelessly through the history of Jackson Hole. Beneath the geologic grandeur of the Grand Teton and the glacier-carved canyons, this river ecosystem is home to herds of elk, mule deer, and moose.

With the passing sounds of the Snake River’s waters, the memories and wild tales of Native Americans, mountain men and pioneers of Jackson Hole can be captured. Sit back and relax as our experienced and highly trained guides deliver a fun and interpretive rafting experience through some of the most scenic and historic stretches of the Snake River.

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Snake River Angler


Our days of fishing and floating with Will Dornan’s Snake River Angler was the highlight of our trip to Jackson Hole.”
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“Of all the different options available for rafting tours, we chose this one because it is on a 15 mile stretch of water for the not so adventurous soul. The raft is large and can fit 12 people with plenty of room to stretch your legs. The river is calm in the area you float down and you get to see the Grand Tetons from the Snake River. Beautiful sights everywhere. We went in the afternoon, 12pm, and though we did get to see some of the wildlife the area has to offer (specifically Bald Eagles and a few other species of birds), there was not a lot of wildlife out. This may not come as a shocker for most but if you want to see a lot of wildlife you need to get to them for the 8am trip if you can. You are more likely to see what is out there. Our river guide was wonderful and had load of information regarding the area (learned the main export of Wyoming isn’t Cowboys or livestock but minerals). The trip was so relaxing and calm my 7 year old took a good 30 minute nap during the trip. I would definitely go if you can afford it.”
Andrew O'Neill, May 2014
“The trip is set up to both tease a thrilling ride out of a low key section of the river and to allow you to relax and enjoy the outstanding peace and beauty of the area. I highly recommend Snake River Angler, particularly for first time riders who might be apprehensive. These folks are a joy.”
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